How to design your shop manual


This is an example of a customized online shop on Homfer



Click here to see live version of this shop

Follow these steps to customize your own online shop on Homfer


1. Log in to your Homfer selling account and click "My Shop" button.



2. Click "Your Profile" button at the top bar menu.


3. Choose and click one of the five tabs to edit your shop name, its domain name and to upload files, pictures, videos and docs.

On the tab "Name" you can edit your shop visible name and its unic domain name that will be a direct link to you online shop on Homfer.


4. "Files" tab allows to upload files that can be useful to your customers. It could be price lists, presentations or warranty conditions etc.


5. "Banners" tab allows to upload pictures that will appear in sliding banner on the main page of your online shop on Homfer.


6. "Videos" tab allows to attach youtube video link of any video about your company or products.


7. "Addresses" tab allows to add addresses you want to use as pick up & dispatch addresses for your customers and transport companies where they can pick up your products.


8. Go back to Homfer main page and click the icon next to "My Shop" button. Choose and click account tab in drop-down menu.


9. Click onto empty square next to the name of your shop and upload your profile picture.