How to upload products manual


Follow these steps to upload your products on Homfer


1. Log in to your Homfer selling account and click "My Shop" button.


2. In "Manage Products" tab click "+Add Product" button.


3. Choose a product type of the product you want to upload from drop-down menu and click "Submit" button.


4. Upload photos, enter product's name, price and choose the correct category, the type and the group of your product in order place it into corresponding sections of Homfer's menu. 

5. Set up shipping costs & time for your product. You can set it up by regions or by each country individually. If you do not ship your product to any region or country, leave the corresponding field empty. Note that you have up to 25 days to deliver you product to the customer and you cannot exceed these 25 days while setting up "Max Delivery Time". 


6. Enable product pick-up option at your location for your customers or transport companies.

Enter product's description, warranty and return policy.


7. Enter SEO-Search Engine Optimization words to allow search engines like Google to idetnify your product by these words. It will improve search results of your product and will help your customers to find the product on the web. 

You can also set up wholesale price and min wholesale quantaty for your product and therefore to let your customers to buy in bulk.


8. Set up product's main parameters and dimentions. Click "Publish" button when you have finished.

We will review your product and publish it on Homfer if everything is OK and corresponds with Homfer's terms and policies.