Registration process manual for sellers


Follow these steps in order to begin selling on Homfer


1. Go to the main page and press "Sign Up" button:


2. Enter your email and create a password for your Homfer selling account:


3. Confirm your email by pressing a button in the email that we have sent you. You will be redirected to this page after confirming your email. On this page you need to enter a customized domain name as well as a visible name for your shop on Homfer.


4. Add a pick up address for your products to enable transport companies and customers to pick up your products at your location, e.g. it can be an address of your shop or a warehouse. You need to press "+ADD" button and to fill in the address form.


5. Next step is to upload at least one product. You can do it by pressing "+Add Product" button and filling in a following product details form. Here you can find a detailed manual of how to upload products on Homfer.



6. After you have uploaded your first product you are required to fill in your busness detals and personal detailes, upload a proof of company's registration and a copy of owner's ID. You are required to provide us with data of each owner who ownes more than 25% of the company. Also you need to fill in a data of primary user of your Homfer selling account.



7. Link your bank account to your Homfer selling account in order to get paid. Homfer makes payouts on daily basis and chages applicable fees at the time of the payout. To see the applicable fees go to our Fee Schedule.



8. You have finished registration process on homfer. In 24 hours we will check the data provided and verify your selling account if everyting is good or notify you if something is not.

9. You will be notified by email about changes of the verification status of your Homfer selling account. You can also check it out by logging into you Homfer selling account and going to "Your Business Details" of the Financial section. Here are the examles of the verivication status in your Homfer selling account: