About Customer Reviews


As part of our services, you can submit reviews for any seller and his product listed on Homfer.com to help other customers.

Customer reviews are meant to provide genuine seller or product feedback. While we encourage reviewers to share their experience, there can be a fine line between that and the use of customer reviews as product and seller promotion.

Here are a few examples of the types of customer reviews that we don't allow:

  • A product manufacturer posts a review of their own product, posing as an unbiased customer.
  • A customer, unhappy with their purchase, posts multiple negative reviews for the same product.
  • A customer posts a review in exchange for financial reward.
  • A family member of the product creator posts a 5 star review to help boost sales.


Homfer.com wants to know about your product safety issues. If you have safety concerns about the product you are reviewing, please contact us. Please make sure to include all information about the product (product title, and HSIN or manufacturer's SKU) and the details of the incident.

You can see all of your reviews by visiting Your Profile.